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<picture> Tag 2017-04-22

  1. Implemented <picture> tag...
  2. ...and created p480.im9.eu, p960.im9.eu and p1440.im9.eu for it.

Upgrades and a new feature 2017-04-21

  1. Refreshed „You” menu,
  2. Improved RSS feeds,
  3. RSS feeds for #tags - e.g. http://im9.eu/search/tag:mountains.

Little things today 2017-01-26

  1. Bugfix: manager remembers tags now,
  2. Improved ranking (still long way to go),
  3. Some changes of albums lists,
  4. The „Me” menu won't auto-show up so excessively often.

im9's New Image-Processing Library: SublimeImage 2014-05-17

  1. SublimeImage, as for now, means just

    • a nicer images "bottom line",
    • more data in JPEGs EXIF and
    • a noticeably faster images processing...

    But it will also enable us to add some new features soon.

"Share" now with "Social" 2014-04-06

  1. The "Share" menu for every animation and picture now includes social sharing links. Currently for Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Reddit and LinkedIn but likely we will add a few more later.

Look & Feel Upgrades 2014-03-29

  1. Search UI with a "Go" button (also being an indicator).
  2. Albums lists (namely Latest Albums, Popular Albums and Albums Popular Today) now have a new mouse-over effect, much faster and fitting users needs better.
  3. Minor bugfixes & improvements - mainly data-caches.

Animations/Pictures/Thumbnails Servers Pages 2014-01-28

  1. Server Pages for a.im9.eu (Animations Server), p.im9.eu (Pictures Server) and t.im9.eu (Thumbnails Server) were quite often visited recently, so we have made them a little bit more friendly.
  2. Contact Us link on the blog page (this page ;-)) is now working correctly (minor bugfix).

New Year - New Bugfix ;-) 2014-01-01

  1. Watermark text will be now better aligned (minor bugfix).

Upgrades Pack No. 1 2013-12-31

  1. RSS added for Latest Albums.
  2. RSS added for Random Images.
  3. RSS added for every im9 album (example: My r/PICS favs RSS).
  4. List of Images Popular Today added.
  5. Redesign of the im9 Browse/Subscribe menus.

Hello World (and Happy New Year 2014!) 2013-12-31

  1. Blog starts just minutes before the year 2014.